Sunday, 5 March 2017

Elisa's birthday

Hairclip: Late godmother's
Blouse: offbrand
Overdress: Victorian Maiden
Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Shoes: New Look

I was invited to Elisa's house welcoming & birthday party this Saturday. I wanted to dress up the way she usually likes to dress up: soft, classic, sweet, elegant. But that's also pretty much how I usually dress up so I was in my element! Hehe.

This outfit reminds me of.... this painting. I styled my hair like that because I haven't had it like that for many years. I think bangs suit me better because I have a sort of diamond/round shaped face.

And yeah wasn't a full slept night but it's okay!

Luppe darling bunny ♥

Just before heading out! It was a beautiful day.

Not all of us here, but I'm very happy to know these girls :)

As part of my "Make art on freetime again"-mission I made a small birthday card for Elisa. She has a very, very adorable cat! ♥