Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Pros of having low budget in lolita fashion.

Classic sweet lolita wardrobe

I'm sure many lolitas think if they had endless resources to spend on the fashion, it would make them ultimately happy. But! I think it removes something essential from the fashion as a hobby. I know a stable income helps a lot, especially when starting out. I am not against good income, but I want to remind you of the good things that come with not being able to spend an enormous amount of money every month on lolita pieces.
Often I wish I had more money to buy things I put on my Pinterest wishlist, but that kind of desire can cause suffering. At least I have suffered from it. I know lots of money is involved in this fashion because of its quality and uniqueness.

I have listed here what I think are good points of having a low budget in lolita fashion.

Lolita wearing a bonnet while browsing internet
1. Spending way less time browsing potential purchases.
I have spent many hours browsing mindlessly on the internet, thinking what to buy with the extra money I have. ALL those countless hours could have been used to do something way more productive.

a girl tries on a bow tie on her rabbit
2. Doing it yourself.
Sewing or other kind of craft that supports the fashion can be a fulfilling hobby.
Decorating your items such as shoes, knitwear and bags can make them brand new and exciting. For a start, you can use flowers and ribbons. Got a dress with a peculiar colour and have nothing to coord it with? Well, go to a thrift store and find a fabric (an old shirt for example) of the same peculiar colour and make it into a bow tie you can attach to your hair or bag. Ta-dah!
Or if you're advanced: make your own shoes and dresses! Woah.
(Edit: Actually, quality fabrics are not low budget friendly!)

A girl stares in a thrift store
3. Thrift stores.
Thrift stores are full of treasures, and often at a very cheap price. They offer unique items which you can use to stand out in the crowd of full-set-all-brand coordinates. If you like vintage items you're in luck. It takes some skill to notice all the potential a piece of clothing has. Consider carefully! (Thrift stores tire me after a few hours because my eyes are constantly on the lookout for potential pieces. I scan through many items, analysing, contemplating. Imagining how it would look combined with something I have at my home.)

a classic lolita checking her makeup with the ipad's front camera
4. Focusing more on the look.
You can make an enormous change in your look just by exploring hairstyles and makeup. Your face and hair are like an empty canvas, be sure to discover them thoroughly! There must be a million ways to do a cute hairstyle. I haven't explored them all. But when in lack of money, I tend to pay more attention to my hair, makeup and poses to produce different kinds of looks - and practise makes perfect. Curling hair isn't easy if you don't know how to do it properly. Because I still don't. But I'm learning. My technique for curling bangs has been developing since two years, and I feel like I'm only just getting the hang of the perfect bangs I want.

Innocent World Bisque doll jsk
5. Receiving a new dress feels extra special.
You have waited for it; you saved money for it; your dream [insert-what-you-like] is in the mail!
Remember the day you received your first brand/dream dress? Wasn't it exciting? I remember jumping around and thinking THIS IS IT. This is my moment! I shall not forget about this! I have noticed buying many things repeatedly loses its novel feel very quickly. For me, experiencing something enjoyable rarely makes it better than experiencing it daily. It's a comforting thought for me.

a drawer filled with clothing
6. Creativity.
Yes, I'm about to say it: limitation drives creativity. When you're low on money and want to make a completely whack coordinate; creativity is all you should look for, and your house has all you need. After a while you might think "I never knew this scarf would go with lolita!" "Oh this old bow tie can be used to tie my hair up and it matches one of my dresses perfectly." It's really fun.
Though I am not the best example of creativity used to its fullest, I am currently working on it!

lolita in winter clothes doing a kick in the air
7. It wouldn't be as fun without a challenge.
This I am very fond of: challenge is what makes this fashion so interesting to me. I think it's a very complicated and difficult fashion to be good at. Appearing effortless, elegant and finding the style and items that fit you and your body is no easy task! I have made better and worse coordinates, but I have learnt from all of them.
And you know what's best? I'm looking forward to making even better looks in the future.

What do you think? Is there anything good in being a low budget lolita? :)


  1. This. This is gold :D I often lament on not having money to buy this and that and haven't really thought of the pros, but this list really hits home. Thank you for sharing ^^

    1. Aaa I am glad you enjoyed it! I haven't made a post like this before. :)

  2. Really enjoyed reading that, so many good points and really applies to anything creative you do!

    1. Ooh didn't expect you here! Thank you so much for your words :)

  3. Such wonderful thoughts. I agree on most of them though experience says that making your own dresses will at a certain point no longer be budget friendly, especially if one wishes to use very good materials. Lace especially can be ridiculously expensive. But it is stillv ery satisfying so often I budget the money toward lolita into fabrics and trim instead of a brand dress.

    Also flea markets and second hand is amazing.

    1. Ah, thank you! You're right about the cost of fabric and lace.
      I can imagine sewing a dress yourself is very, very fulfilling.

  4. milkyoolong is one of the best low-budget lolitas i know, you should check her out for inspiration if you haven't already!

    1. Indeed, I have! She is an inspiration.