Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Oat latte & The Flashbulb

a girl in white outfit in the evening sun, casting a shadow on the wall

a girl in white outfit in the evening sun making an expression

a girl in white outfit in the evening sun walking towards

vegan oat latte and piña colada muffin in cafe art
Piña colada muffins with oat lattes = love

It was our anniversary date, a very warm and sunny day. It's as if the summer isn't leaving. I went all white because I think I have ran out of outfit ideas. I hadn't worn that dress in 2 years.
Also, I have ran out of hairspray, I can't make any hair updos because I have a massive case of baby hair. I can't go to a shop to buy hairspray without research. After I began to embrace the vegan and "cruelty-free" lifestyle I need to research everytime I change a trusty product to a new one.
I'm a person of conscience.

To change the subject entirely:
My most favourite artist ever just put his whole discography in a bundle you can get with $1.
The Flashbulb makes music that must be the soundtrack to my life.
I could write a whole post about this artist but it would be horribly boring; but then again I'm writing this blog for myself in the first place. But I wouldn't read anyone's rambling about an artist I wouldn't recognise.

I like to think back to when I listened to it for the first time; I was working at a lighthouse, it was evening and I was alone in my bedroom. I was randomly browsing someone's favourite artists and I found "The Flashbulb" and listened to it on Spotify because I liked the name. It sort of fit the lonely lighthouse scene. And so it has become the it- music for me, perfect for my sentimentality, perfect for walking, perfect for dreaming, perfect for being sad with. I hope the dreamy filter I add to my pictures have some of that vibe. I remember listening to it many times during my time in the lighthouse, it was a good escape.

This is the first song I listened to:


  1. Kiitos Flashbulbista! Kuullostaa mahtavalta se puolitoista albumia jota olen nyt kuunnellut. Luulen että olen joskus kohdannut kyseistä artistia, mutta silloin se ei vielä toiminut minulle.

    Sun tumblrin "Blog"-linkki linkittää muuten väärin (ei mihinkään).

    1. Kiva jos tykkäsit! Sen uudemmat albumit on enemmän pianoa ja tunnelmointia ja vanhemmat enemmän breakcorea, eli aika erilaiset toisistaan.

      Ja kiitos, olin kans huomannu että mun tumblr-linkit ei enää toimi, pitää googlata ja korjata. (Mulle saa mielellään mainita kaikesta viallisesta :D)