Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Mari's house welcoming party.

classic sweet finnish lolita posing and holding a vintage bag
Headbow: Handmade by me
Blouse: H&M
Dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bag: vintage
Shoes: Pertti Palmroth

I was invited to Mari's house welcoming party last Saturday. My sleeping rhythm hasn't been all that great lately so I had trouble waking up so early. I am always saddened by not being able to sleep for important meetings or events, because I end up with a headache and dark eyelids.

On the night before Saturday morning, just before falling asleep, me and Matti started to hear sounds. I thought someone was drunk in the attic, busy punching the air condition ducts. (because we did it sober once and the sound was similiar.) But once we opened the balcony door, it was apparent that the sounds were more like explosions. Loud explosions coming from afar. Oh how this ignited my imagination! I went through all kinds of scenarios. We also saw a big cloud growing from the same direction. Oh the excitement! We had no idea what was happening. 
Only BUMMMMMMMMMM we heard. (I enjoy bass sounds)  And that meant I felt excitement for a while and consequently losing sleep hours. It took a little time until we read on the news that it was an arson in a bus depot.

finnish classic sweet lolita selfie

It was an exciting and a little stressy day since I travelled to Helsinki alone in lolita. I started to develop this "Oh, how my eyes get so dry and wet at the same time making me look like crying and forcing me to cringe my eyes?"-condition. Does anyone recognise this? I hear an ocean-like sound in my head when this happens. My eyes feel like they are dry when they're not. They are not dry at all when I forget to think about it. This is a sort of an obssessive thinking on my part. Resistance makes it even worse.
I have suffered this more in the past but I had forgotten about it. So now it's crawling back to annoy me. It's triggered when I feel like I'm being watched. I hate it. I hate when a stranger stares at me on a bus or when I'm eating, I just lose it completely. And then I force myself to think something so peculiar so that I would forget being unhealthily self-aware.

Innocent World pink embroidery on a jumperskirt

I travelled in metro alone! For the first time. It was exciting. They make amazing sound, have you noticed? There are sooooo many more people in Helsinki than in Turku. I always feel like a tourist.

Mari had a beautiful home, (and still has) with a layout and space I can only dream of for now.
She let me try some of her dresses she was considering to sell. This is Innocent World's Rosa jsk.
The embroidery... so beautiful.
We also enjoyed black and green tea quite a lot, and she and her boyfriend had cooked delicious vegan food!

Mimmi had bought this ADORABLE tea pot warmer for Mari. I am quite jealous actually! But I don't own a teapot, so I hope to own a beautiful one some day. I had a really good time and I got to practise my social skills!
I was also glad Heli fixed the dress I was wearing. It's oldschool Btssb and the shoulder straps were strangely tight, but gladly they were quite easy to fix so that the dress got enough length for me to feel comfortable. (And petti didn't peek out anymore)

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  1. You're outfit was so cute and lovely! And it was wonderful to finally meet and spend a bit more time with you.

    1. Thank you very much! Yes indeed, it was wonderful to spend some proper time with you :)

  2. I agree with Mimi, your outfit was lovely! And it was nice to finally meet face to face, too. Thank you for coming, and thanks for the lovely tea you gave us! :)

    1. Thank you so much! :) It was my pleasure to come.

  3. Moi!
    Olen Nanaya ja minulla on pieni brändi nimeltä Chiringo. Myyn kaikenlaisia tuotteita esim. J-muotia. Muoti puolella minulta löytyy eniten lolita ja perus kawaii vaatteita ja koruja. Tuotteet on kaikki tehty Suomessa käsityönä. Tuotteita voi tilata joko katalogista tai mittatilauksena.Olisin tosi iloinen jos mainitsisit edes ohimennen tuotteitani blogissasi! Vastapalveluksena mainostan sinua sivuillani ja sos.media sivuillani ja voin jopa lähettää jonkun pienen kivan tuotteen kiitoksena. :) Oli hauskaa lukea blogiasi! Kiitos ja kuulemiin!

    1. Moikka!
      Hauska tutustua suhun :) Hienoa että teet suomalaista lolitamuotia!
      Mielestäni sinun käsityössäsi on vielä paljon kehitysmahdollisuutta. Se ei ole vielä sellaista mitä itse ostaisin. Mainitsen kyllä mielelläni sitten kun se on. :) Lisäksi minulla ei ole blogissa montaakaan lukijaa/kävijää joten se tuskin hyödyttäisi sinua loppujen lopuksi. :(
      Kiitos mielenkiinnostasi!