Friday, 16 September 2016

Thrift shop finds: 20s inspired dresses and a doll

a bright white room with a dress and a storm lantern hanging

I love to visit thrift stores and love to take photos so here we go!

low waist 20s inspired dress

This low waist dress was size 42 but it fit me strangely well. I adore the low waist doll-look!

20s inspired grey textured dress

I don't exactly know how much "20's" this is but it gives me that feeling nonetheless. I think the colour, texture and the slim silhouette does it.

Leonardo collector's schoolgril porcelain doll

Speaking of dolls, I would like to collect more but I just don't have the space at the moment.  

mens brown suspenders

Mens suspenders! How exciting.

Old vintage postcards on a pile

Old finnish vintage postcards on a pile

An old vintage postcard laying on a linen cloth

Old finnish postcards. I think I will attach some of them on my wall.

a french lop rabbit sleeping on carpet

Luppe is adorable when he sleeps.

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  1. The second dress reminds me of these Mariano Fortuny gowns: It's a lovely look.

    1. Yes! I tried it on and it looked so elegant. I only wish it was a bit longer.

  2. Missä turussa on parhaimmat kirpparit? :D mäki rakastan käydä niissä mut en oo käyny ku siel manhattanilla!

    1. Hohoo :D Manhattanin vieressä on se lasten vaatekirppis kans btw!
      Hassisen kirpputori, Hakakatu 13 (iso)
      Laiskan kirppis, Vanha Hämeentie 29 (pieni)
      Länsikeskuksen kirpputori, Viilarinkatu 4 (iso)
      Turun Kontti, Satakunnantie 105 (keskikokoinen)
      Sitte pelastusarmeijan kirpputoreja on ympäri Turkua :) Ja uffin myymälä keskustassa.
      Mun lemppari on Manhattan!