Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Mari's house welcoming party.

classic sweet finnish lolita posing and holding a vintage bag
Headbow: Handmade by me
Blouse: H&M
Dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bag: vintage
Shoes: Pertti Palmroth

I was invited to Mari's house welcoming party last Saturday. My sleeping rhythm hasn't been all that great lately so I had trouble waking up so early. I am always saddened by not being able to sleep for important meetings or events, because I end up with a headache and dark eyelids.

On the night before Saturday morning, just before falling asleep, me and Matti started to hear sounds. I thought someone was drunk in the attic, busy punching the air condition ducts. (because we did it sober once and the sound was similiar.) But once we opened the balcony door, it was apparent that the sounds were more like explosions. Loud explosions coming from afar. Oh how this ignited my imagination! I went through all kinds of scenarios. We also saw a big cloud growing from the same direction. Oh the excitement! We had no idea what was happening. 
Only BUMMMMMMMMMM we heard. (I enjoy bass sounds)  And that meant I felt excitement for a while and consequently losing sleep hours. It took a little time until we read on the news that it was an arson in a bus depot.

finnish classic sweet lolita selfie

It was an exciting and a little stressy day since I travelled to Helsinki alone in lolita. I started to develop this "Oh, how my eyes get so dry and wet at the same time making me look like crying and forcing me to cringe my eyes?"-condition. Does anyone recognise this? I hear an ocean-like sound in my head when this happens. My eyes feel like they are dry when they're not. They are not dry at all when I forget to think about it. This is a sort of an obssessive thinking on my part. Resistance makes it even worse.
I have suffered this more in the past but I had forgotten about it. So now it's crawling back to annoy me. It's triggered when I feel like I'm being watched. I hate it. I hate when a stranger stares at me on a bus or when I'm eating, I just lose it completely. And then I force myself to think something so peculiar so that I would forget being unhealthily self-aware.

Innocent World pink embroidery on a jumperskirt

I travelled in metro alone! For the first time. It was exciting. They make amazing sound, have you noticed? There are sooooo many more people in Helsinki than in Turku. I always feel like a tourist.

Mari had a beautiful home, (and still has) with a layout and space I can only dream of for now.
She let me try some of her dresses she was considering to sell. This is Innocent World's Rosa jsk.
The embroidery... so beautiful.
We also enjoyed black and green tea quite a lot, and she and her boyfriend had cooked delicious vegan food!

Mimmi had bought this ADORABLE tea pot warmer for Mari. I am quite jealous actually! But I don't own a teapot, so I hope to own a beautiful one some day. I had a really good time and I got to practise my social skills!
I was also glad Heli fixed the dress I was wearing. It's oldschool Btssb and the shoulder straps were strangely tight, but gladly they were quite easy to fix so that the dress got enough length for me to feel comfortable. (And petti didn't peek out anymore)

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Kevyt kirjastosakko


Oltiin menossa kirjastoon. Aboa Vetuksen edessÀ on paljon kevyttÀ liikennettÀ mutta uskallan mallata asukuvaa varten siitÀ huolimatta. Kauhean moni kuva ei onnistu, koska minua jÀnnittÀÀ ohimenevÀt ihmiset. Mutta yhdestÀ kuvasta tuli söpö.

Lewis Carroll: 
Katselin aamuyön aikoihin YleltĂ€ ohjelmaa Lewis Carrollin salainen maailma, joka oli niin mielenkiintoinen ettĂ€ halusin lainata alkuperĂ€isen englanninkielisen version tarinasta. SitĂ€ ei ollut hyllyssĂ€. Ei haittaa, sillĂ€ tarina löytyy myös netistĂ€ luettavana. Alice in Wonderland on tĂ€rkeĂ€ sillĂ€ tavoin, ettĂ€ se on inspiroinut lolitamuotia merkittĂ€vĂ€llĂ€ tavalla.

Japanin kielen alkeet:
Aloitin maaliskuussa kanjien opettelun Wanikanissa, jota en voi muuta kuin suositella.PÀÀtin opiskella kanjeja ennen kuin hyppÀisin kielioppiin, koska olin lukenut sen olevan kannattavaa.
Wanikani keskittyy pilkkomaan ensin kanjit pieniin palasiin ja vasta niiden kautta opetetaan kokonaiset kanjit ja sen jÀlkeen kanjeista muodostetut sanat. Wanikani opettaa muistamaan ne tarinoiden avulla, tuoden ne lopulta takaisin kertausharjoituksena juuri ennen kuin unohdat ne. En tiennyt miten hyvÀ olisin opettelemaan nÀin "vaikealta" tuntuvaa asiaa. Noita tuntuu oppivan kuin vettÀ vaan. Oikeastaan musta tuntuu ettÀ oppisin mitÀ vaan jos vaan haluaisin. Miksi musta ei tuntunut koulussa samanlaiselta?

Nyt kun takana on jo pari sataa sanaa niin alkoi kiinnostamaan kieliopin alkeet, koska luulen, ettÀ saan aika paljon irti japanin kielestÀ jos tiedÀn jo jotain perus-miten-rakennat-lauseen-tyyppisiÀ juttuja. Wanikania voi muistaakseni kokeilla ilmaiseksi 3 tason verran.


Muumihamot on niin ihanan hömelöjÀ ja herttaisia. Ne ovat inspiroineet kovasti viimeaikoina pukeutumiseen ja piirtÀmiseen. NÀmÀ on jo tulleet kaikki luettua kertaalleen, mutta haluan palata niihin uudelleen koska luulen, ettÀ useatkin tarinat ja tuotokset herÀttÀvÀt eri ajatuksia riippuen milloin niitÀ on lukenut. Minulla ei varmastikaan ole sama perspektiivi kuin 10 vuotta sitten kun luin nÀitÀ viimeksi.


Katselin muuten yksi pĂ€ivĂ€ ettĂ€ Muumi-kaupassa on muuten kivoja tuotteita <3


Ja sitten lainatessa:
Kirjaston tÀti:"Me ei voida lainata nÀitÀ sulle jos sakot ylittyy 15 euroa."
MinÀ:"Aijjaa, miten paljon sakkoa sinne on kertynyt?"
KirjastotÀti:"NÀyttÀÀ olevan 46 euroa."

Friday, 16 September 2016

Thrift shop finds: 20s inspired dresses and a doll

a bright white room with a dress and a storm lantern hanging

I love to visit thrift stores and love to take photos so here we go!

low waist 20s inspired dress

This low waist dress was size 42 but it fit me strangely well. I adore the low waist doll-look!

20s inspired grey textured dress

I don't exactly know how much "20's" this is but it gives me that feeling nonetheless. I think the colour, texture and the slim silhouette does it.

Leonardo collector's schoolgril porcelain doll

Speaking of dolls, I would like to collect more but I just don't have the space at the moment.  

mens brown suspenders

Mens suspenders! How exciting.

Old vintage postcards on a pile

Old finnish vintage postcards on a pile

An old vintage postcard laying on a linen cloth

Old finnish postcards. I think I will attach some of them on my wall.

a french lop rabbit sleeping on carpet

Luppe is adorable when he sleeps.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Oat latte & The Flashbulb

a girl in white outfit in the evening sun, casting a shadow on the wall

a girl in white outfit in the evening sun making an expression

a girl in white outfit in the evening sun walking towards

vegan oat latte and piña colada muffin in cafe art
Piña colada muffins with oat lattes = love

It was our anniversary date, a very warm and sunny day. It's as if the summer isn't leaving. I went all white because I think I have ran out of outfit ideas. I hadn't worn that dress in 2 years.
Also, I have ran out of hairspray, I can't make any hair updos because I have a massive case of baby hair. I can't go to a shop to buy hairspray without research. After I began to embrace the vegan and "cruelty-free" lifestyle I need to research everytime I change a trusty product to a new one.
I'm a person of conscience.

To change the subject entirely:
My most favourite artist ever just put his whole discography in a bundle you can get with $1.
The Flashbulb makes music that must be the soundtrack to my life.
I could write a whole post about this artist but it would be horribly boring; but then again I'm writing this blog for myself in the first place. But I wouldn't read anyone's rambling about an artist I wouldn't recognise.

I like to think back to when I listened to it for the first time; I was working at a lighthouse, it was evening and I was alone in my bedroom. I was randomly browsing someone's favourite artists and I found "The Flashbulb" and listened to it on Spotify because I liked the name. It sort of fit the lonely lighthouse scene. And so it has become the it- music for me, perfect for my sentimentality, perfect for walking, perfect for dreaming, perfect for being sad with. I hope the dreamy filter I add to my pictures have some of that vibe. I remember listening to it many times during my time in the lighthouse, it was a good escape.

This is the first song I listened to:

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Pehmolelu mukaan ja menoks!

a girl dressed in a pink innocent world lolita dress holding a vintage bag.
Headdress: Innocent World
Blouse: Thrifted
Dress: Innocent World
Bag: Vintage
Bunny: Thrifted
Shoes: Asos

a girl dressed in a pink innocent world lolita dress holding a vintage bag.

TÀnÀÀn herÀsin naapurin soittamaan gregoriaaniseen kirkkolauluun. Asun ihan ylimmÀssÀ kerroksessa ja naapuri alimmassa. Laulu kantautuu. Tunnen itseni siunatuksi.

Today I woke up because of a neighbour playing gregorian chant. I live in the highest flat and the neighbour in the lowest. The singing travels a long way. I feel blessed.

a girl dressed in a pink innocent world lolita dress throwing a bunny plushie

Muistin uneni ja kirjoitin sen ylös.

I remembered my dream and wrote it down.

a girl dressed in a pink innocent world lolita dress holding a bunny plushie

Hampaani ei miellytÀ amerikkalaista kauneusstandardia, mutta tykkÀÀn kun ne on ahtaat ja vinossa. Ei oo toisia samanlaisia.

My teeth don't satisfy the American beauty standard but I like them for being cramped and crooked. There is no teeth like it.

a girl dressed in a pink innocent world lolita dress walking away from camera
Matti sanoi ettÀ nÀytÀn tÀssÀ vanhukselta.
MĂ€ oon ollut kyllĂ€ ihan muuta kuin kesĂ€tunnelmissa, (siis syystunnelmissa) mutta oli niin kuuma pĂ€ivĂ€ ettĂ€ halusin jotain vilpoista pÀÀlle. Ostin tĂ€mĂ€n mekon viime kevÀÀllĂ€ mutta en ollut vielĂ€ postannut siitĂ€ kuvaa. Se ei pÀÀse oikeuksiinsa valkoisen taustan edessĂ€.

I haven't been in the summer mood but it was a hot day and I didn't want to be fried. I bought this dress last spring but I hadn't posted a picture of it. It doesn't work so well against a white background.

a brown haired girl with innocent world dress and headpiece

Oon ollut aika paljon onnellisempi, varmaan johtuu lÀÀkkeistÀ ja siitÀ ettÀ mulla on koko ajan tekemistÀ. Kirjoitin eilen runojakin, ihan vahingossa.
Vaikeat asiat saa silti kÀdet tÀrisemÀÀn ja kainalot kosteaksi.

Toisaalta haluan takaisin töihin ja toisaalta haluan vaan tehdÀ omia projekteja omassa kuplassani. Kotona on mukavaa, aurinko paistaa sÀngylle, ja siinÀ on lÀmmin maata. Senkin alla lepÀÀvÀn kaniinin pÀÀ painuu vinoon vÀsymyksestÀ.
Kuuntelen Pariisin KevÀttÀ ja mieleeni muistuu 2012 kesÀ ja vanha kÀmppikseni Lahdesta, sillÀ hÀn oli todella mukava ja energinen.

Kiitos kun kĂ€vit ♥♫

I've been much happier lately, probably because of the anti-depressants and having always something to do. I even wrote poems yesterday, by accident.
Difficult things still make my hands shake, and armpits wet.

I want to go back to work but on the other hand I also want to stay home and do my projects. It is so nice to be home, the sun shines on my bed, it's warm to lay there. A rabbit under the drawer is falling asleep.
I'm listening to Pariisin KevÀt and suddenly I recall summer 2012 and my old flatmate from Lahti, because she was very nice and energetic.

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Monday, 5 September 2016

I'm wearing black?

a Brown haired girl, leaning on a grey, textured wall. She is wearing a faux fur tippet, a semi long black coat, grey tights and wine red mary janes.
a Brown haired girl, leaning on a grey, textured wall. She is wearing a faux fur tippet, a semi long black coat, grey tights and wine red mary janes.

a girl with a brown hair with round glasses

Olenkin huomannut ettÀ tutut pitÀvÀt minua sellaisena joka pukeutuu usein vain vaaleisiin sÀvyihin joten kokeilin pitkÀstÀ aikaa tummia vaatteita.
PidÀn mustasta kahdesta syystÀ: Se hoikentaa ja vaalentaa hiuksiani! Mutta tuntuu ettei vÀrinÀ tunnu resonoivan kanssani. Ostin nuo feikkilasit jÀlkijunassa mutta halusin kokea senkin. Musta tuntuu ettÀ nÀytÀn vÀhÀn siltÀ miltÀ Àiti nÀytti kun olin pieni.

Vaihdoin header-kuvani, tĂ€mĂ€n vuotiseen lemppari photoshoottiin. Olen todella tyytyvĂ€inen niihin kuviin ´_` Matti on paras kuvaaja!
Kiitos kun kĂ€vit ♥

It has come to my knowledge that people associate me with wearing light colours so..... here I go. 
Out of my comfort zone! 
Two things I like about black: It makes you look thinner and my hair more lighter in colour. But I don't feel like the colour resonates with me so much.
When it comes to the fake glasses, I'm on a late train but I wanted to explore the fashion accessory as well. I think I look a bit like what my mom looked like 20 years ago.

I also changed my header image! I also made a repeatable background pattern but to my regret it doesn't work on the header area. I used to hack the Blogger's header image width limitation so it ends up filling the adjacent spaces with solid colour which background image can't override.
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Friday, 2 September 2016

If someone is mad over shoes, I am mad over outerwear.

outfit of a girl dressed in a cute vintage-inspired cool autumn look.
Hat: Thrifted
Scarf: Thrifted
Jacket: Thrifted
Gloves: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Thights: Lindex
Shoes: Asos

Asusteet! Söpöt pipot, huivit ja lapaset! Syksyn viileys sallii kaikki nÀmÀ ihanuudet. NiillÀ saa oikein muhkean, söpön luukin. Olinkin niin inspiroitunut ettÀ piti spontaanisti kuvauttaa pari asua talteen joita voin kÀyttÀÀ jonain vÀhÀn viileÀmpÀnÀ pÀivÀnÀ...

Fashion Accessories! Cute beanies, scarves and mittens! The cool autumn weather accommodates these wonderful delights, resulting in a cute, voluminous look. I was so inspired that I needed to spontaneously photograph a few oufits. I can use these coordinates later on when I feel like it.

outfit of a girl in a cool autumn look with bow ties clipped on her scarf

Yhdistin viininvÀriset kengÀt rusetteihin jotka kiinnitin huiviin. TÀmÀ sai tajuntani rÀjÀhtÀmÀÀn: TÀllaisiin kaulahuiveihin saa kiinnitettyÀ aika monenlaista mitÀ lolitaan pukeutuneena normaalisti laittaisi pÀÀhÀnsÀ.
TÀtÀ nyt kirjottaessa kyllÀkin mietin ettÀ löytyisi parempikin takki tukemaan tÀtÀ asua. TÀmÀ kuvassa oleva on vÀhÀn liian business casual mieleeni!

I matched wine-coloured shoes with a pair of bow ties which I clipped onto my scarf. This was mind-blowing. I realized I could clip every lolita accessories I have, on scarves like these! 
As I'm writing this I regret wearing this jacket as I would've had a better suited jacket hanging in my closet. This one is a little too business casual for my taste!

a girl dressed for autumn weather, holding a storm lantern

TykkÀÀn hirmusti muumi/majakka/myrskylyhty-estetiikasta ja mielessĂ€ni onkin lisĂ€tĂ€ kaappiin raitapaitaa ja Wes Anderson-uskottavia vĂ€rejĂ€.

I greatly enjoy the aesthetics of moomins, lighthouses and storm lanterns. I have in mind to add more striped tops and colours straight out of Wes Anderson movies.

a portrait of a girl dressed vintage-inspired

Outfit of a girl dressed in a voluminuous knitted coat by Zara
Beanie: Thrifted
Scarf: Thrifted
Coat: Zara
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Lindex
Shoes: KookenkÀ
TÀmÀ neuletakki on Zarasta tehty herÀteostos aikoinaan. En tiennyt olevani valtava-neuletakki-tyyppinen henkilö mutta olen rakastunut pitkiin takkeihin. Aika paljon se on jo kÀytöstÀ venynyt. TÀmÀn takin kanssa kerrospukeudun aika lailla, ja huivien mÀÀrÀllÀ ei ole rajaa. Siluetista tulee pyöreÀnlainen, muhkea, söpö.

This knitted coat was a spontaneous purchase some year ago. I didn't know I was the massive-knitted-coat-type of person. Guess I am. I am in love with long coats. This one has become a bit loose from wear. I layer many things with this coat and there is no limitation when it comes to scarves. The silhouette becomes round, voluminous, cute.

Outfit of a girl dressed in a voluminuous knitted coat by Zara

a portrait of a girl with hair curled inwards.

Hiukset alkaa lÀhentyÀ tÀydellistÀ mittaa. Latvoja on kyllÀ aika työlÀstÀ taivuttaa sisÀÀnpÀin ja yritÀn hioa parempaa keinoa. Suoristusrauta on toiminut parhaiten tÀhÀn mennessÀ.

Onko sinulla takkeja tai asusteita joita et malttaisi odottaa kÀyttÀÀ ilmojen viiletessÀ? :)
Kiitos kun kĂ€vit. ♥

My hair is getting close to the perfect length. The ends of the hair are still a bit time-consuming to curl inwards. I am trying to iterate my process. So far, the hair straightener has proven to be most efficient.

Do you have outerwear and related accessories you're dying to wear when the air gets colde? :)
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