Monday, 25 April 2016

Sax Blue Peignoir


I had recently found a nice peignoir from a thrift store nearby so I wanted to try it out. 
It fits quite well with many of my dresses too! I've been spending great amount of
hours searching for peignoirs online but majority of them seem to be within 
the States so that means high postage costs and possible customs..  ´-`
Oh but they soooo lovely. 

The good thing about cult party is that they don't have the silhouette of lolita 
knocking down things and touching people in cramped spaces. It feels much
easier to hang around, whereas lolita petticoats and headbands can start hurting 
after a while.

I can imagine wearing cult party-inspired outfits to work as well.  I'm one of those
super lucky to have a job where you can wear whatever possible you can imagine.

I've never identified blue as my colour and I still haven't but it's refreshing to 
have a go at it, like in the last lolita meet. Do you have a colour you don't identify
with but like to wear it or experiment with it from time to time?

First of May is on its way! I'll be spending it with Iida this year. I think we'll eat
something nice and play some games!
I have already planned my coord featuring a hat I was given when I graduated 
from high school. It's a tradition in Finland to wear that hat during First of May.

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  1. Sininen pukee sua erinomaisesti! :) Voin kyvitella kuinka vaikeaa tuollaisten aamutakkien löytäminen onkaan, sellaista harvemmin näkee kirppiksillä :< Tuo verhokiinnike toimii myös kauniisti kaulakoruna! :) Kaikessa yksinkertaisuudessaan tykkään ja näyttää hyvin sievältä <3

    1. Kiitos paljonnn!! Joo oon nyt vasta yrittänyt löytää tuollaisia aamutakkeja aika huonolla menestyksellä mutta onneksi Etsystä ja Ebaysta löytää <3 Kiitos globalisaation.