Thursday, 24 March 2016

Cult Party Kei #2!


I decided to give another shot to Cult party, I think I managed to do a better coord this time! :) I've been browsing peignoirs, sleepwear and all sorts of socks lately! And paid attention to different things when in thrift stores! It's interesting. When you have a new idea in your head, you look at some things differently than before.

The standing-up pictures didn't turn out as good as the sitting ones.. so yay for sitting down!

I had bloomers, a dress, a petticoat on top, a top I tied in knots, a lacy curtain (haha, it usually sits on top of my mirror) stay-up socks, leg warmers, lacy socks, bodyline's rocking horses, bodyline skirt's waist ties, a btssb bolero, then that garter belt-related thing I don't know the name of, and a thrifted bow headband and a rose corsage gifted by a seller I bought from! (Thank you~)

I also changed once again the layout of the living room! 

Dust and Everyday Minerals!

My hair usually needs more attention, I think making all kinds of hairstyles are painful and I usually never like to have it up or braided. :) I'm a loser

This picture I have is adorable! It looks wonderfully worn out!

 I am quite surprised the thinner silhouette of cult party makes it a lot easier to move around!

This garter thing with a ribbon holding it together was so cute <3

A close up of the details in the btssb bolero.

I actually wish to have that short of hair at some point^ I could curl it inwards every morning!

I would appreciate it if you have any suggestions for improvement!

The most amazing song that I've been listening to! 


Thank you for reading/seeing!