Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Back to cassettes!


It's going to be a little different post now. 
Lately, Matti has really been into cassette decks (read: talks about nothing else) for lo-fi sound design purposes (colouring sounds by bouncing them onto tape and back.) Though, I only have pictures of this boombox, which was a "nostalgic purchase" alongside a portable cassette player we found in a thrift store.

I think the greatest thing in cassettes is that the audio actually exists on the tape... there are waves, no numbers!! It feels so tangible.

And as you have noticed I'm a heavy filter-user, my love for vintage filter is boundless!

If someone is interested, for all the filters in my pictures, we use Google's Nik collection

I own no cassettes, and never had. I only have vague memories of using them, too. In my childhood we used to have some children's audio books on tape like Miina ja Manu! But I am too young to remember because by the time I had gained any consciousness in life, CDs were all the rage! 
I got Spice Girls' CD when I turned 6!! I will not forget.

So what do we do when we have no cassettes? We go on a thrift store raid! (IT'S SUPER CHEAP!) Well maybe, we also recorded a downtempoish tape with random selection :D But we did get our hands on Vanessa Mae, Lasse Mårtenson (Myrskyluodon Maiju <3) and unopened Mozart casette 

Because I have a lot of free time, I wanted to try and make a coord based on the portable. I had one headbow with the same shade of red but I thought it wouldn't do.

It is not the greatest or well planned, but I had fun thinking what I already happen to own that could be considered somewhat 80's... I used to have a really ugly sweater but I gave it away... and this jean jacket was almost the only denim thing I had... same with the pants, they were my baggiest pants and those my only sneakers! :--3 (Great for running!)

It is also interesting: You feel... or at least I feel different dependent on the clothes I wear. I've been investing romantic and cutesy apparel and now changing to so practical and a tad boyish made me feel so READY TO GO. I have this hungry feminine power in me because when I was a teenager I wanted to be a guy. It lasted some years because I always felt so masculine.. probably because I had no sisters to be influenced by. 

I thought this picture was great!! I look like I only love myself and care for nothing else, which is completely the opposite! Though if you hate me, you wouldn't think it's the opposite ;-; !!

Today indeed was a beautiful sunny day, I felt like blooooooming! *blob* Usually my depressions come and go which leaves me to a state of "So should I go to talk to someone or not." At times I want myself dead and then on other times I'm enjoying the little things of life so much! 

It's also enjoyable to live in "different times". I get so much inspiration from past decades and centuries. Lolita fashion brings back all the beautiful things rococo and victorian times had, but without the misery and dirt of it all. 

This was one of the songs we recorded on our mixtape:
(FSOL has such beautiful, deep songs. Especially the Cascade and Lifeforms has such organic and mysterious style to it, AH! It speaks directly to my heart.)

Thank you for reading!

What memories do you have with cassettes? Do you miss them?


  1. Mielenkiintoisia blogeja oli niin pakko oli seurata! :D

  2. Oot kyl aikas semmonen..hmm..ei nyt vintage, mut semmonen lookki mitä oli sillon joskus :D Aikas hauskasti toteutettu!

    Kasetit on ihan mahtavia! Omat on edelleen jemmassa, ihan alkuperäisenä ostettuja ja sit omia sekotusnauhoja. Muistan kuinka upeeta se oli ysärin alussa kun sain siskon vanhat "korvalappustereot" itelle. Se oli punainen ja siinä oli keltainen, vihreä ja sininen nappi. <3

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Haha kuunteletko vielä omia kasetteja vai onko ne vaan tallessa jossain varastossa? :) Ja kuulostaa ihanalta tuo! -^^-