Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Dollhouse meet!


I've been a little quiet due to this depressing season, but! We had a meet this Saturday.

Firstly, we headed to Cafe Monarch. I have wanted to go there for many times but managed until now. It claims to be the most English tea room in Turku! Sounds good right?! I thought this was a contender to Cafe Qwensel!

...The experience was a bit disappointing, We had a table reservation from 13pm to 14:30pm but they decided to close at 14pm for some reason... And there were no real vegan options. My friend had asked if there were vegan options and they said there were plenty, but I guess they thought vegan is the same as lacto-ovo vegetarian, which is basically pseudo-vegetarianism. Because when I asked the waiter for vegan options, he suggested an omelette! Sometimes I wish I didn't have to make sure restaurants or cafes know what vegan really is because I don't want them to feel as if their expertise is insulted.

Headband: Innocent World
Shirt: Zara (my bunny chew a hole into it, ah.)
Bolero: Innocent World
Dress: Innocent World Bisque Doll jsk!
Bag: Innocent World
Shoes: H&M

This is my most strongest print and I adore it!! I hadn't had the chance to coord it properly yet, though it's a boring coord because it doesn't experiment enough. I think by now I have come to a point where a harmonious coord is not enough but the real catch is in the creativeness of a coord. I want to explore and try new things a lot more. That's something for the year 2016!


We headed to the dollhouse exhibition and found a nice spot to take some pictures. It reminds me of the background Misako is seen a lot in some pictures... you know, that Alice in Wonderland-book background?

Wow! I can see this was somebody's escape from reality to build a dream of her own.

When I was quite small, my friend and I used to visit this aunt who had a huge dollhouse. She also let us make tiny dollhouse furniture for our own dollhouses at home! It was so sweet. I haven't seen or heard from her for ages but she remains in my thoughts.


I liked the modern dollhouses the least...!

Look at all that plastic! :'D

The inspiring reason we had this meet was because a new lady in the pink has joined the community! She was very nice and I hope she joins again to another meet, I hope Turku will regain its frilly strength back! Though we were thinking of visiting Salo for a lolita meet next time!

I also wanted to share this because I love this bag, it's a nice mixture of lolita fashion and moomin mamma's bag!! I feel like a hero when I carry it.

I also opened Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maijuline/

My plan is to share spontaneous mobile shots that I take but never end up anywhere!