Friday, 6 November 2015

Keeping nightmares close


How are you doing?
I'm doing pretty fine actually! Except the inevitable fact I should go remove all of my wisdom teeth but I'm scared and I want to keep my money....... But I am experiencing headaches quite often and I think it might be because of the teeth... I think I grind my teeth during sleep ´__` 

Headbows: Handmade by me 
Dress: Innocent World 
Blouse: Innocent World 
Underskirt: Victorian Maiden 
Socks: Ebay 
Shoes: vintage 
Bag: vintage

Anyways! I wanted a photoshoot with this jsk because I've owned this dress for over a year and I barely wear it. And I like these pictures a lot! Probably because sun was shining directly on the left wall so it bounced back nicely!

I really love those shoes, they are just too small for me. 1 size larger and they'd be fine! Ah if only. 

Looking like I don't care because apparently that's super cool.

I have also changed my diet to completely vegan because I've been thinking a lot about cruelty and blindness of people not to question traditions. I'm keeping my nightmares close so I don't forget evil.
And I'm excited because it feels really good.
Are there any other vegans out there I don't know of? What could vegan lolita be? Certainly not purchasing new leather bags or woolen winter apparel... After googling it seems there is a livejournal!


Lolita and the internet, a close relationship

I love bonnets ´-` I finally found a bonnet of my liking... Innocent World... of course.
 Kind of waiting for summer so I can go all bonnet! They make some sound... (between my ear and hair) so sometimes it's hard to hear what others say! Ah lolita problems. I guess. I have sensitive ears and I hear well... but I can't always make out of what people say so I'm constantly asking to hear again what they say.

..What? Can't hear you!

Until next time <3


  1. Vegan! That's exciting! Would be nice to meet up at some point!

    1. Joo! : ''D Piti vastata kuitenki vaikka oon myöhässä!

  2. Yay for going vegan! :D
    I used to be completely vegan for years, but these days I'm a gluten free vegetarian, being way too picky about everything makes life difficult. Although in restaurants, cafes and grocery stores I can mention that they should have totally vegan options more.

    Yay for the bonnet too! It's really cute and fits your style! ^__^
    You look really pretty in that outfit and dress, just like a classic doll, love it! IW burgundy is such a lovely color!

    About grinding your teeth, GO TO THE DENTIST!
    I've been doing it for all my life and the front teeth on my left side have been..well lets just say I'm lucky there are any teeth left at all and my I don't want to smile, because my teeth are ugly. Just a month ago I finally got that thing you wear at night to prevent the grinding and erosion of teeth.

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. I'm glad you've picked up such a good lifestyle! I believe vegan options will increase because of the demand ^__^

      Aah, I will go to the dentist when I overcome my fear.. And I never realized I don't see your teeth in your pictures! I'm sad it bothers you.. because by beauty standard, I don't have the most beautiful teeth either.. I don't have enough space for all the teeth and they're pretty wonky, but I kind of like them like that because they're ...characterful? :) I hope you could some day think so of your teeth too!

      Thank you for your support ^_^

  3. What a cute outfit! Youn look so cute and classic at the same time.

    1. Thank you so much for kind words! :) (ah.. I'm answering late!)

  4. Ihana asukokonaisuus! <3 Jään seuraamaan <3