Friday, 6 November 2015

Keeping nightmares close


How are you doing?
I'm doing pretty fine actually! Except the inevitable fact I should go remove all of my wisdom teeth but I'm scared and I want to keep my money....... But I am experiencing headaches quite often and I think it might be because of the teeth... I think I grind my teeth during sleep ´__` 

Headbows: Handmade by me 
Dress: Innocent World 
Blouse: Innocent World 
Underskirt: Victorian Maiden 
Socks: Ebay 
Shoes: vintage 
Bag: vintage

Anyways! I wanted a photoshoot with this jsk because I've owned this dress for over a year and I barely wear it. And I like these pictures a lot! Probably because sun was shining directly on the left wall so it bounced back nicely!

I really love those shoes, they are just too small for me. 1 size larger and they'd be fine! Ah if only. 

Looking like I don't care because apparently that's super cool.

I have also changed my diet to completely vegan because I've been thinking a lot about cruelty and blindness of people not to question traditions. I'm keeping my nightmares close so I don't forget evil.
And I'm excited because it feels really good.
Are there any other vegans out there I don't know of? What could vegan lolita be? Certainly not purchasing new leather bags or woolen winter apparel... After googling it seems there is a livejournal!


Lolita and the internet, a close relationship

I love bonnets ´-` I finally found a bonnet of my liking... Innocent World... of course.
 Kind of waiting for summer so I can go all bonnet! They make some sound... (between my ear and hair) so sometimes it's hard to hear what others say! Ah lolita problems. I guess. I have sensitive ears and I hear well... but I can't always make out of what people say so I'm constantly asking to hear again what they say.

..What? Can't hear you!

Until next time <3