Sunday, 13 September 2015

Wine evening #2


I'm writing after a while because I've had more inspiration towards other things than lolita at the moment. Gladly, Iida organized a lovely wine evening for us all. It was also a "farewell"-party for Julia because she goes to do some studies in Wales. :)

Hairbow: Innocent World
Dress: Innocent World Classical cat jsk 2008
Bag: Innocent World
Blouse & Tights: offbrand

I got that bag some while ago and it's been a blessing. I can fit ipad and mittens there and something extra too, sometimes it's too difficult to live with small impractical bags :P

Massive hairbow.. might be too massive

I'm addicted to blush. I use it way toooo much. I don't like to look pale at all! Though I could use a more pink coloured blush.

We were served 3 glasses of wine! 2 of which I liked very much. :) 

And there were 3 descriptions and we had to guess which was which :D
I got 1 out of 3 right xD

Until next time! <3