Saturday, 15 August 2015

Timeless Summer

My dad has a boat which has taken the family around Finnish archipelago for many years, it's pretty much a tradition to get on board every summer!

This time I spent it with my dad, brothers and Matti.

We went to Högsåra and Helsingholmen, two of my favourite places!

Having tea at Högsåra's Farmors café while it's raining outside.

a great way to learn kantele! I felt like a proper Väinämöinen in my white dress.

This small beach is a great source for leipäkivi...(= bread stone)
It is basically the flat stones you throw like a disc and watch them jump (many times if you're good) on the surface of water

I am not enjoying blogger's text editor.

I have also given up on English grammar!

My holidays are coming to an end... That means a short depression. I haven't worn lolita much either.

I've had a lovely time though, I'm not able to forget about time until next summer.