Sunday, 19 July 2015

Autumn feels...

A small post. 

I want to share 2 pictures that me and Matti took last autumn but I never got to share it! 
 I like these a lot. They are taken on a cemetery, avoiding grave stones in the pictures :'D

I especially like the blurry background colors, they remind me of old dusty gobelins...!

I like the VM hat a lot but it doesn't suit my bangs too well!

Hat: Elegant Ribbon Canotier, Victorian Maiden
Dress: Innocent World
Jacket: Napoleon Jacket, Innocent World
Shoes: Bodyline

Take care!!!



  1. Oooh, I love the colours of the photos! They are like aquarel paintings! And such a pretty coord too, makes me think of Jane Eyre for some reason (。・ω・。) Now I'm inspired, got to go find my brushes!

    Seraphine & The Striped Box

    1. The colours reminded me of tapestry colours somehow! :O Thanks so much, feels nice inspiring someone ^_^