Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I'm not a writer ...I'm a dreamer, and that makes me sound like an idiot


I've had a small Tumblr for a while but I feel I want to keep a better diary about my lolita life in Turku, Finland. Small country, small town. I enjoy reading other people's blogs closely because they inspire me and make me feel I'm not alone in this world. 
All the other lolitas are there to make this a reality that actually exists.

I imagine myself more like a lifestyle-lolita than a "It's just clothes"- person.
It is so much more than just clothes for me!! It's a sanctuary. 

I decided somewhere during the 20's crisis that there were things in life I wanted to do before it is too late. I was thinking about how I couldn't let myself lay on the death bed thinking about things left undone.

Lolita fashion is something in which you need courage to wear. Ignorant people will have a funny idea of you, but all grandmas and children will love you.
It took some time to get used to it but the burning passion overcomes any difficulties. I believe you can do anything if you really...really want to.

I don't feel comfortable calling my blogs "elegant" when I think someone could think I think about myself in such manner.
(Yes, I have a low self-esteem and there is no one other than me who could fix that. )

But I love rabbits, a lot. And when I think about hares...  untrimmed, wild things from nature with no manners. Therefore, I feel happy thinking about dressing such a creature in bonnets and frills. :) And I see hares in my home town ALL THE TIME. And I wish them well when I meet them.

If someone feels lost and doesn't know what lolita fashion is, look up either here or there

The livingroom as known as... my lolita kingdom. WORK IN PROGRESS! The black curtains shall vanish. some. day.
I love my French Lop. He has a name, Lupiini. But I call him Luppe. His original name is Luficer....

I will include both lolita and casual, so it's not only dedicated to lolita. :) 

I really love Innocent World's designs!

See you~!