Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Dollhouse meet!


I've been a little quiet due to this depressing season, but! We had a meet this Saturday.

Firstly, we headed to Cafe Monarch. I have wanted to go there for many times but managed until now. It claims to be the most English tea room in Turku! Sounds good right?! I thought this was a contender to Cafe Qwensel!

...The experience was a bit disappointing, We had a table reservation from 13pm to 14:30pm but they decided to close at 14pm for some reason... And there were no real vegan options. My friend had asked if there were vegan options and they said there were plenty, but I guess they thought vegan is the same as lacto-ovo vegetarian, which is basically pseudo-vegetarianism. Because when I asked the waiter for vegan options, he suggested an omelette! Sometimes I wish I didn't have to make sure restaurants or cafes know what vegan really is because I don't want them to feel as if their expertise is insulted.

Headband: Innocent World
Shirt: Zara (my bunny chew a hole into it, ah.)
Bolero: Innocent World
Dress: Innocent World Bisque Doll jsk!
Bag: Innocent World
Shoes: H&M

This is my most strongest print and I adore it!! I hadn't had the chance to coord it properly yet, though it's a boring coord because it doesn't experiment enough. I think by now I have come to a point where a harmonious coord is not enough but the real catch is in the creativeness of a coord. I want to explore and try new things a lot more. That's something for the year 2016!


We headed to the dollhouse exhibition and found a nice spot to take some pictures. It reminds me of the background Misako is seen a lot in some pictures... you know, that Alice in Wonderland-book background?

Wow! I can see this was somebody's escape from reality to build a dream of her own.

When I was quite small, my friend and I used to visit this aunt who had a huge dollhouse. She also let us make tiny dollhouse furniture for our own dollhouses at home! It was so sweet. I haven't seen or heard from her for ages but she remains in my thoughts.


I liked the modern dollhouses the least...!

Look at all that plastic! :'D

The inspiring reason we had this meet was because a new lady in the pink has joined the community! She was very nice and I hope she joins again to another meet, I hope Turku will regain its frilly strength back! Though we were thinking of visiting Salo for a lolita meet next time!

I also wanted to share this because I love this bag, it's a nice mixture of lolita fashion and moomin mamma's bag!! I feel like a hero when I carry it.

I also opened Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maijuline/

My plan is to share spontaneous mobile shots that I take but never end up anywhere!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Keeping nightmares close


How are you doing?
I'm doing pretty fine actually! Except the inevitable fact I should go remove all of my wisdom teeth but I'm scared and I want to keep my money....... But I am experiencing headaches quite often and I think it might be because of the teeth... I think I grind my teeth during sleep ´__` 

Headbows: Handmade by me 
Dress: Innocent World 
Blouse: Innocent World 
Underskirt: Victorian Maiden 
Socks: Ebay 
Shoes: vintage 
Bag: vintage

Anyways! I wanted a photoshoot with this jsk because I've owned this dress for over a year and I barely wear it. And I like these pictures a lot! Probably because sun was shining directly on the left wall so it bounced back nicely!

I really love those shoes, they are just too small for me. 1 size larger and they'd be fine! Ah if only. 

Looking like I don't care because apparently that's super cool.

I have also changed my diet to completely vegan because I've been thinking a lot about cruelty and blindness of people not to question traditions. I'm keeping my nightmares close so I don't forget evil.
And I'm excited because it feels really good.
Are there any other vegans out there I don't know of? What could vegan lolita be? Certainly not purchasing new leather bags or woolen winter apparel... After googling it seems there is a livejournal!


Lolita and the internet, a close relationship

I love bonnets ´-` I finally found a bonnet of my liking... Innocent World... of course.
 Kind of waiting for summer so I can go all bonnet! They make some sound... (between my ear and hair) so sometimes it's hard to hear what others say! Ah lolita problems. I guess. I have sensitive ears and I hear well... but I can't always make out of what people say so I'm constantly asking to hear again what they say.

..What? Can't hear you!

Until next time <3

Friday, 9 October 2015

October's classical doll


Last weekend I made a coord with my ex-dream dress: Victorian Maiden's Classical Doll dress! When I started lolita this was the ultimate dress. They aren't rare so I ended up having 2, wine and black!

That fence is to sometimes keep my rabbit out of the living room :D

Hair Accessory: Victorian Maiden
Dress: Victorian Maiden, Classical Doll op
Gloves: My late godmother's
Bag: Innocent World
Shoes: Bodyline

I don't use it often because I'm too tall for it. Or rather, too big for it. Not in the sense of fat but my arms are too long, so is my bodice. I have a loooong back. I have a small waist but I can't use it for beauty purposes because for westerner, lolita OPs and JSKs are quite highwaisted (except for short people!) So whatever is supposed to be on the waist, is on my chest. I wish I was smaller.

Long arms are long.
All thanks to the photography goes to my patient boyfriend!

Also I have big hands so...... the gloves are perfect but I can't really use them for their small size.

What is your current dream dress?

I don't think I have one particular at the moment!
But I am watching closely after anything ivory :'D And for bonnets and hair accessories!

See you <3

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Wine evening #2


I'm writing after a while because I've had more inspiration towards other things than lolita at the moment. Gladly, Iida organized a lovely wine evening for us all. It was also a "farewell"-party for Julia because she goes to do some studies in Wales. :)

Hairbow: Innocent World
Dress: Innocent World Classical cat jsk 2008
Bag: Innocent World
Blouse & Tights: offbrand

I got that bag some while ago and it's been a blessing. I can fit ipad and mittens there and something extra too, sometimes it's too difficult to live with small impractical bags :P

Massive hairbow.. might be too massive

I'm addicted to blush. I use it way toooo much. I don't like to look pale at all! Though I could use a more pink coloured blush.

We were served 3 glasses of wine! 2 of which I liked very much. :) 

And there were 3 descriptions and we had to guess which was which :D
I got 1 out of 3 right xD

Until next time! <3

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Timeless Summer

My dad has a boat which has taken the family around Finnish archipelago for many years, it's pretty much a tradition to get on board every summer!

This time I spent it with my dad, brothers and Matti.

We went to Högsåra and Helsingholmen, two of my favourite places!

Having tea at Högsåra's Farmors café while it's raining outside.

a great way to learn kantele! I felt like a proper Väinämöinen in my white dress.

This small beach is a great source for leipäkivi...(= bread stone)
It is basically the flat stones you throw like a disc and watch them jump (many times if you're good) on the surface of water

I am not enjoying blogger's text editor.

I have also given up on English grammar!

My holidays are coming to an end... That means a short depression. I haven't worn lolita much either.

I've had a lovely time though, I'm not able to forget about time until next summer.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Turku Botanical Garden

Good day!

HajiAyase organized a meetup at Turku's botanical garden! I had only been there once before, but not during the summer time. :)
I chose my coord for all the flowers I was expected to see at the garden!

I like low-contrast and I cannot lie

Dress: Florence OP, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Headband: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Bag: Loris
Shoes: Bodyline (killing my feet)

I have given up on using eyeliner, it doesn't suit me as well as I hope it would... I guess I want to try extension lashes at some point! More lighter and natural makeup suits me much better!

This must be my favourite dress. 

It gives that doll-look I adore the most...! Though it is so short on me -__-
I won a bidding on a pink dress today.. I won't tell which.. will be a surprise!

But I love pinks... not deep pink though.
But romantic dusty pinks... <3

Me and HajiAyase
Friends taught me to do this heart!
Here too!

Where is my prince? ...I have a feeling somewhere between the studio headphones...

Pink flowers <3

As being a photoshop-chan, I also wanted to give it a go and give some magical nostalgic feeling to my friends' pictures :) 

I like Julia's hair colour a lot!

I believe Heli has a cute side! I adore that print/dress......

Iida! Glad she has joined recently to lolita fashion!

We had a nice day!

Turku Lolita Scene!! (I had to make a gif!)

Take care! <3